May 16, 2009

It’s been exactly 2 months since I posted. How serendipitous.

Last final in 6 hours and some change and this year is over. What the eff???

I have so much to do before I leave this place for a brief stint in Bmore, but I cannot believe another year has gone by. Does anyone remember high school going this fast? It’s absurd.

Hopefully I will sleep soon.


OH! And this video has kept be amused through this grind. It’s old but who cares, hehehe.

March 19, 2009
March 9, 2009
So what exactly ARE the components of pudding??
Two people walking down the street next to me. The the guy said it makes me think they have been arguing about pudding, which seems counterintuitive. One should never argue about pudding. It should be easy, instant even…..I obviously need a nap.
March 3, 2009

Mania Approaches

I think I’m starting to actually lose it. I have the attention span of a very high fruit fly. I don’t even really have work yet. It is all coming next week. I feel the danger on the horizon. So if I can’t get it together for the bullshit, the real shit has no chance.

Angels is almost blocked. Woot. My lines? Blergh. It’ll be fine. I’m also costuming it, which upon retrospect was not one of my wiser choices. But schma, schma, la la la. It’ll rock. Or something.

If you are a Bmore friend reading this, come see me. I can’t leave H Square for the next month, so come. I have a futon and oatmeal and varied drink choices. I’ve been told that my room is remniscent of Genie’s Bottle. So that’s something? Right?

Not writing her applications,


December 23, 2008

Movies Watched Thus Far:

(in no particular order and omitting Lifetime movies)

Love Actually, MILK, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: THE MOVIE!, Tale of Despareux, The Famliy Stone, Cadillac Records

This is not including the sleep I have done, the internship application I just look at and the shopping that has killed me.

Happy Eve of Christmas Eve!!!!!


November 23, 2008

I'm regressing.

  • (on the phone with my 10-year old sister Jaazmin)
  • me: Hey babycakes.
  • Jaaz: Hey sissy.
  • me: Did your mom show you that video I emailed her for you?
  • Jaaz: What?
  • me: The one called Hamster on a Piano?
  • Jaaz: Oh...yea.
  • me: Didn't you love it?!?!?! Wasn't it HILARious?!?
  • Jaaz: Ummm....I guess so. It seemed kinda stupid.
  • me: Oh. well. yea. So how's fifth grade going?
  • I feel bad for myself.
November 9, 2008

Obligatory Tech Week Post

Hello Friends,

Things I don’t understand:

1. Why am I so tired?

2. Why do I feel like I have a yeast deficiency?

3. Why did the Chocolate Festival in NY this weekend feature bacon-wrapped chocolate? (or was it chocolate-wrapped bacon?)

4. Why didn’t my dad become President and buy me a goldendoodle?!?!

I need a nap.

November 5, 2008
You remember those Presidential chart that hung in your fourth grade class room?
Well, it’s going to look a tad different come January 20th.

You remember those Presidential chart that hung in your fourth grade class room?

Well, it’s going to look a tad different come January 20th.



November 4, 2008

"In the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope."

Election Day.

Barack Obama’s grandmother died today. My great-grandmother died when I was 11, and could have never imagined a day like the one we are about to experience. She took in my mother and I when we had no where else to go, just as she had done for my mother many years before. She was everything. She was my oatmeal and my soap operas and my church and my song. She and I share our name. Antonia.

This is not some rant on who you should vote for. My views are pretty well known. I just hope everyone takes the time to think about the possibility that tomorrow holds.

I certainly will.